About Us

The idea behind Blush and Blocks play mats was created when Rachelle had her son. He had a bad case of colic so she quickly discovered the need for a play mat that had a soft surface for comfortable play whilst also being easy to clean. He loved spending time outdoors and she quickly learned traditional play mats did not meet the durability test either. No play mat on the market had all the features she needed rolled into one convenient play mat.

After going through multiple play mats Rachelle wanted something that could be used on any surface - wet grass, bush land, cement, sand, basically anywhere. She wanted something that wouldn't end up with leaves and grass getting stuck all over it or getting soaking wet from the dewy grass. She wanted something that could be wiped down and was easy to clean. Rachelle looked for a play mat that had all these features, and found that there simply wasn't one. So the decision was made to make her own and enlisted the help of her best friend and now business partner, Anita Giompaolo.

What was simply an idea, quickly became their shared goal. A goal to create and design, a play mat that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional. After extensive research and many hours spent sowing samples they came up with their idea of the perfect play mat.

Blush and Blocks play mats feature a soft plush, water resistant surface with a durable waterproof vegan leather base. The range of play mats are dual sided so the base of the mat also doubles as a change mat and can be used for messy sensory play. They all come with a convenient compact carry handle and a Blush and Blocks back pack for all those times you have no free hands. The range of play mats come in two versatile sizes to suit you and your family's needs. 

Together Rachelle and Anita have managed to create your everyday, everywhere play mat.